Spring and Summer 2016

By November 12, 2016News

What’s new for spring and summer ?

These days, women’s shoes play a leading role in our lives. They help identify our character, celebrate our uniqueness and they give us a strong feminine identity. They also tell the world who we are and what we want to be, so it’s no wonder that excitement is building for the new styles and trends coming in for spring and summer.

Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

The footwear styles for the coming summer are very varied and include peep-toes, ballerina flats, espadrilles and other playful styles – with points making a comeback to most shoe styles. Sneakers are another fabulous new trend, replacing the traditional moccasins and loafers.

There will be lots of chunky sandals with platform soles and non-slip rubber treads which are comfortable, fun and easy to wear and just perfect for a relaxed, casual and modern everyday lifestyle.

Women will also have the option to choose comfortable footwear with all-rubber soles which dominate the shoe and increase volume – giving a sporty urban look to all types of footwear including wedges.

We’ll see a great desire for colour with the introduction of fun and exciting pop art elements on footwear and accessories.

I’m also so pleased to see lots of metallic leathers which I think is a great combination for all styles of footwear, as well as a return to gold and silver which is ideal for our hot summer days.

Evening-wear has been updated and we’ll see plenty of unusual sculptured heels in interesting finishes such as plexiglass, iron and mirror. These are extreme styles for the glamour woman who loves to be daring and show off her unique fashion sense.

Now let’s talk handbags………

Handbags will come in all shapes and sizes, with coloured patterns and 3D forms creating a bold look. Fringes and tassels are also making a comeback on totes and sacks with pop art featuring in long, strappy casual shopper bags. Clutches are still on trend and add a glamorous touch.

We’ve selected our Emporio Armani collection very tastefully and there will be a variety of ready-to-wear fashion footwear to choose from including sandals, espadrilles and a range of medium-heels for a relaxed,

As always, Milan Fashion Week was very exciting with lots of new and innovative re-cherche *and as buyers for Dimario Shoes, our goal was to always strive to bring our clients the very best in quality, comfort and unique fashions – made in Italy.

We look forward to seeing you all soon for a very exciting spring/summer 2015/16.

Warmest regards
Dimario shoes

* (A quintessentially French way of saying that we carefully and thoroughly sought out the most exquisite, elegant and refined new fashion!)